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Absolutely shocking
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A group of 6 of us went here for breakfast, we sat outside with lovely views and were excited for a delicious breakfast, how disappointed we were.
we waited 10 minutes before anyone came to our table and took our coffee order, then they came 35 minutes later, the coffee was so sour I couldn’t drink it. We all got different size cups too which was random. The waitress (who was lovely) brought water to our table with no glasses. Then we received our food after a 50 minute wait. It was laughable how tiny the portions were - so if your hungry DO NOT go here! Our friend is vegan so asked for avocado on toast which they couldn’t do so instead she ordered the “crushed avocado on toast” and asked for it with no salmon or goats cheese, she received 1/4 of a tiny avocado (which wasn’t crushed or on the toast) with 2 tiny bits of bread that wasn’t toasted. Another friend got the mushrooms on toast which had 6 slices of mushrooms. We got no cutlery given to us we had to ask for it, then they didn’t bring enough out. Then when we went to pay there was no staff around we asked one girl at the counter and she said “see if there is someone at the bar” When we spoke to the manager about it we were told “nobody gets water unless they ask for it” and “our choice to take items off meals” which is true however there was no way we could justify paying $22 for what she got. He didn’t apologise for the shocking service we got or for the ridiculous portion sizes. After a few minutes arguing with him he did give us a discount which was lovely of him. The food was average service was poor (the staff were friendly) but the owner was cocky and arrogant. Such a shame as the location is beautiful. Will never return or recommend to anyone.
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