Nailing the art of pampering

Nailing the art of pampering

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As soon as you step into Vogue Nails and Beauty you’re invited to put your bag, phone and busy day aside and relax. Owner Lisa Hogg shares her top beauty tips, inspiration and why a visit to her boutique salon will put a smile on your face.

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When it's time for your deserving face and body to be pampered you are guaranteed to be expertly catered for at Vogue Nails and Beauty. Lisa has beauty treatments to suit everyday or special occasion beauty needs. The salon menu caters for clients requiring a bit of glam or that necessary tidy up attention – like wrestling those unruly eyebrows. Lisa can literally help you from head to toes. 

I’m passionate about nail treatments and totally enjoy the personal service I can give to my clients and the ‘wow factor’ part of my job. It’s extremely rewarding when people see their finished nails and walk out of the salon confident and pleased. When they have a big smile on their face so do I.

Vogue Nails and Beauty Owner, Lisa Hogg

Beauty Treatment Menu

Pink nail polish designsOver 50% of the salon’s clients book regular monthly combination treatments such as nails and eyebrow treatments. Lisa provides a special package for brides, bridal parties and individuals requiring extra glamour for weddings, birthdays or anniversary events.

The salon menu caters for a range of beauty treatments

  • Nail manicure and pedicure (gel and regular polish, nail art, shaping and strengthening)
  • Facial skin concerns including dehydration, acne and fine lines (deep cleansing, therapeutic, rejuvenation, hydrating, dermaplaning, deep exfoliation)
  • Lash lift and tint
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Waxing

Lisa's Top Beauty Tips

All About Whitianga's Cathy Klouwens, asks Vogue Nails and Beauty owner, Lisa Hogg, quick fire questions about beauty products and treatments.

What is your top tip for everyday nail care?

My top tip to grow your nails long, strong and healthy is to use cuticle oil one to two times daily. My bonus top tip for achieving excellent nail colour is simple. Only use quality products. I use the top-notch Gel Bottle brand in the salon. Gel Bottle provides a superior nail treatment because of its high pigmentation ratio. It’s also proven to achieve a longer lasting vibrant nail colour.

What is your favourite beauty trend right now?

Lash lifts are fantastic because they accentuate shorter lashes by curling them up and making them look really long.

What’s your everyday go-to beauty product?

RevitaLash mascara which uses a primer and has a black mascara over the top for a long lasting result.

What are your favourite beauty treatments that you personally have?

Definitely nails. I do my own and love using the different colour trends on them. If I go for a treatment from someone else I really enjoy a facial.

If you could do anyone’s nails who would it be?

Khloe Kardashian because she has extravagant nails and it would be an interesting session in the nail salon with her!

What three things do you always have in your make-up bag when you go travelling?

A cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser.

What’s your biggest challenge in keeping your nails looking their best?

During the car racing season I work as part of the Super Saloon pit crew for my partner Bodie. It's something I love being part of and is a risky environment for my nails!

Who was your inspiration to start your interest in a beauty career?

I avidly follow the latest local and international trends in nail colours, beauty care and industry products as a key part of my job. For many years I have followed the work of New Zealand Nail Stylist Leah Light. She has a huge online following and is the go-to stylist for many well known celebrities. She’s up to date with the latest trends and really talented.

What beauty item you couldn’t live without?

Facial cleanser for my skin care regime and mascara for my make-up.

The confidence is in the smile

Lisa is motivated by seeing people confidently walk out of the salon. She’s been successful in creating an oasis of pamper on main street Whitianga. You enter, relax, enjoy and leave looking fantastic. And like Lisa you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a smile on your face. And who doesn’t want that?

Local tip on a place to visit

Sweeping ocean views and a long sandy beach makes Simpsons Beach (Wharekaho) a favourite walking spot. Lisa often visits this coastal spot with fiancé Bodie and their energetic Shih Tzu Jack Russell.

Contact Vogue Nails & Beauty

Lisa graduated from New Zealand’s leading beauty school Elite in 2014 with a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and International Beauty Therapy. She was trained and mentored by beauty expert Louise Dickinson (previously manager of Harrods Day Spa in London). To discuss your individual beauty requirements or concerns contact Lisa Hogg on the related link below.

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