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Whenuakite School

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1055 Tairua Whitianga Road
New Zealand Whitianga 3591
Welcome to Whenuakite School


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Whenuakite School is a U3 School with between 120 and 140 pupils, Years 1 to 8. The school has a staffing entitlement of 7.1 and the decile rating is 8. The community and BOT have worked hard to ensure the school is well resourced and has excellent facilities.

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The New Zealand Curriculum consists of eight learning areas. We naturally have a focus on literacy and numeracy but the arts, health and physical activity, and topic study areas are all important and are also well covered. 

The key competencies are also a central part of the curriculum and are part of everything that happens at school. 

  • Making meaning of ideas or information received (listening, reading and viewing)
  • Making meaning for themselves or others (speaking, writing and presenting) 
  • Number and algebra
  • Geometry and measurement
  • Statistics (NZC) 
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual arts (NZC) 
  • Personal health and physical development
  • Movement concepts and motor skills
  • Relationships with other people
  • Healthy, communities and environments (NZC) 
  • Food and nutrition, wellbeing 
  • The nature of science
  • The living world
  • The planet earth and beyond
  • The physical world
  • The material world (NZC) 

  • Identity, culture and organisation
  • Place and environment
  • Continuity and change
  • The economic world (NZC) 

  • Technological practice
  • Technological knowledge
  • Nature of technology (NZC)

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