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The Purangi Conservation Trust

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Cooks Beach

The Purangi Conservation Trust is working to control pests and ultimately eradicate them for the natural enhancement of Ferry Landing, Flaxmill Bay and Cooks Beach areas.

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What does the Purangi Conservation Trust do? 

Local community and volunteers are working together to install and monitor traps to capture mustelids (weasels, ferrets & stoats), rats, possums, hedgehogs and other pests in the Ferry Landing, Flaxmill Bay to Cooks Beach area.
As well as trapping and installing bait stations, the Trust has been planting trees that will provide nectar, berries and colourful flowers for native birds.

Volunteer for the Trust

Holiday makers as well as local residents who would like to be involved in assisting with the many tasks of the trust are encouraged to contact Rose for more information. 

Donate to the Purangi Conservation Trust

If you are in a position to make a donation, the Purangi Conservation Trust have a give a little page or welcome payments to their bank account directly. All donations are gratefully received, no matter what the amount and will be used to help maintaining traps and equipment. The Purangi Conservation Trust is a registered Charitable Trust, so tax deductions can be claimed.
Find out more and keep in contact with the Purangi Conservation Trust by following the facebook page or subscribing to the regular email newsletters.

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